Blank Canvas Airbrush Blender and Mini F20 Duo


Airbrush Blender and Mini F20 Duo Set

Airbrush Blender and Mini F20 Duo Set
The Airbrush Blender Sponge (Latex Free)

What it’s for and how to use it:
Achieve that flawless finish every time with the Airbrush Blender.
Run under a warm tap until the sponge expands to around twice its size. Squeeze until just damp. Apply/blend/stipple your favourite concealer or foundation seamlessly.

Artist Tip: You can also use the damp sponge for baking techniques.
Mini F20 Flat Buffer (Handbag Friendly) Vegan Friendly, Anti Bacterial.

What you need to know:
Our multi-purpose topselling face brush is now available in a mini short handle size.
Designed to stipple or buff your foundation on with the F20 for a HD base. This little gem can be used with liquids, creams and powder. The mini size is perfect as a touch up brush.