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Blank Canvas F28 Stipple/Highlighter Brush


Details: for face or large areas of the eye. Contour the cheekbones with precision. Dust powder under the eyes or use for overall blending of colour around the socket. Can also be used for highlighting areas of the areas of the face. Made from natural hair.

Care For Your Brushes: check your brush that the handle is intact and there is no excessive shedding. A small amount can be natural in the first 3-4 uses.

Ideas On How To Wash Your Brushes 

Use a daily spray or deep clean using gentle brush shampoo. Use only very small amounts (pea-sized) of products to wash your brush. Avoid allowing water run into the ferrule (shiny metal part). This will cause the glue to loosen.

Water damage is the No.1 cause of damage to bristles/brush heads or handles coming loose.

Lay brush flat or with brush tilted downwards on a clean surface and allow to dry naturally.