Bondi Sands Lip Balm with SPF 50+ -Toasted Coconut (10g)


Soothes, Hydrates, Protects.

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Soothes, Hydrates, Protects.

Enjoy a sun-soaked day the Bondi Sands way. Hydrate and soothe dry lips with our nourishing Toasted Coconut Lip Balm with SPF 50+.

Cruelty Free and Vegan. Sulphate free. Reef Friendly.


Q. When should I use this product?

A. Apply this Lip Balm to your lips to hydrate, soothe and protect. Bondi Sands Lip Balms offer SPF 50+ protection against sun exposure. Reapply as often as you like or when required.


Q. What makes the Lip Balm hydrating?

A. This Lip Balm contains Vitamin E and Coconut oil to restore dehydrated lips and prevent moisture loss.


Q. Is the Lip Balm petroleum free?

A. Yes, Bondi Sands Lip Balms are all Petroleum free and are also free of Parabens and Sulphate.