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Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Hydrating, Multi-Protection Mist – 75ml


Day after day, skin appears smoother, more beautiful and radiant.

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Heat, cold, sudden changes in temperature, thermal shocks and pollution… there are so many factors that can lead to the skin becoming dehydrated throughout the day. Enriched in plant extracts, this portable facial mist is perfect for refreshing, hydrating and immediately protecting the skin. Day after day, skin appears smoother, more beautiful and radiant.



Multi-hydrating complex: organic leaf of life extract, combined with hyaluronic acid, enhance the self hydration of the skin. Organic houseleek extract helps limit evaporation.

Anti-Pollution Complex: protects skin from the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor pollution. White horehound extract protects against damage generated by blue light sources.

Organic cornflower extract: soothes the skin.


How To Use

Use anytime throughout the day to refresh, revive radiance and protect the skin.

Use as the first step in a skin care routine, before applying daily moisturiser (day or night) to thoroughly hydrate and prepare the skin.

Hold 20cm\6 in. from face and close your eyes.

Spray over all parts of the face using circular motions.