L’Oréal Age Perfect Midnight Serum – 30ml


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Inspired by Mother Cells Science

While you sleep, mother cells, the most precious cells at the origin of all others become more effective. Their optimal activity occurs at night with a peak starting at midnight.

Midnight Serum has been formulated to support skins own cell renewable process so you can wake up to younger looking skin.

Non-sticky finish. Comforting and melting textures. Effective on all skin tones and types.

The Next Morning: skin feels hydrated and looks well-rested like after a good night sleep.

After 1 Week: skin looks younger, brighter, more luminous.

After 4 Weeks: wrinkles look reduced and skin complexion is radiant. Skin looks tightened, as lifted.

Antioxidant Recovery Complex

It protects skin against free radicals during the day. At night it provides support for the skin when it is most receptive to repair.

Neohesperidin: broad spectrum antioxidant extracted from bitter orange, following green chemistry process.

Vitamin E: antioxidant found naturally in the skin, whose level decreases due to external aggressions.